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A Gorgeous 100% vegan 1/2 lash for a comfortable wing.  

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How To Use

Step 1: Preparation ✂️

If necessary, trim the lash to fit. Leave a 2-10mm gap from the inner corner of your eye for a comfortable fit.

Step 2: Apply Lash Armour Magnetic Eyeliner 🖋️

Apply 2-3 coats of eyeliner that is compatible with magnetic lashes. Ensure the eyeliner is at least as thick as the lash band and consistent along the entire lash line. Allow the eyeliner to semi-dry for approximately 15-30 seconds between coats. It should be about 80% dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Attach Your Lashes to the Magnetic Eyeliner 🧲

Utilize Lash Armour's lash applicator for improved grip and precise placement of the magnetic lashes.

With your fingers, place the magnetic lashes onto the liner applied in step 2. Start from the inner corner (closest to the nose) and move towards the outer corner of your lash line. Once in position, firmly press the lashes onto the liner to establish a secure connection.

Caring for Your Lashes

Caring for Your Lashes 🧼

If there are any remnants of eyeliner on your magnetic eyelashes, you can clean them by gently rubbing them with a cotton bud soaked in Isocol (64% Isopropyl Alcohol, available at your local supermarket) 🧽.

Avoid using makeup remover or micellar water to clean the magnetic eyelashes, and refrain from applying mascara directly to the magnetic lashes. 🚫🧴

Removing Your Lashes

Removing Your Lashes and Eyeliner 🧼

Gently peel off the magnetic lashes from your eyelids using your fingers.

You can eliminate the eyeliner using Lash Armour's remover 🌿 or a waterproof makeup remover 💧