"I named the company Lash Armour because when you wear them I hope that you will feel more confident, stronger and more beautiful"

Founder & Creator of Lash Armour.

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As a Makeup Artist, I love sharing tips and tricks with my clients. One day, a few years ago, a client sat in my chair, and as I started to apply false lashes to her, she said to me "I wish I could apply my own false lashes". I had heard this comment hundreds of times before so I thought, there has to be a solution. There must be a way that all women can easily apply a lash at home to make them feel glamorous and beautiful.

I started to investigate and magnetic lashes looked to be the answer, but I wanted to create a range that would look natural, be light, comfortable to wear and easy to apply, and they also had to have staying power! I wanted my clients to know that when they had my lashes on, they were going to stay.

Fast forward two years, lots of samples, testing, trials and tribulations and I am so thrilled to bring Lash Armour to you. With the launch of Lash Armour, I am on a mission to empower every woan to feel pretty! No matter her skill set.

I'm so excited to share these lashes with you. I hope you love wearing them and they make you feel pretty!

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Our Mission

At Lash Armour, we believe in empowering women over 40 to embrace their natural beauty and feel confident at every age. Our mission is to provide a range of natural magnetic lashes that redefine elegance and simplicity in the world of beauty. We are committed to creating high-quality, easy-to-use products that enhance individuality and celebrate the timeless allure of every woman. Lash Armour is more than just lashes; it's a symbol of self-expression, confidence, and the beauty that comes with age. Join us on the journey of ageless beauty, where every blink tells a story of strength, grace, and the power of embracing one's authentic self.

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